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About the Fund

The Stronger Together Coronavirus Relief Fund was set up as part of our Coronavirus Relief Efforts. The donors of this fund are Businesses, Foundations, Philanthropies, and Individual Contributions. 

Here are the various initiatives this fund seeks to support. 

Community Resilience Initiative

Direct Support Response

We are invested in unique approaches that empower our community and deliver the support they need when they need it. Some of these include providing essentials and hygiene kits such as feminine hygiene kits, deodorant, shampoo and body wash, oral hygiene kits, etc to those most vulnerable in our Muslim Community. As well as Religious and Spiritual support to Muslims in Hospitals, increasing Muslim Chaplain service capacity, and collaborating with Hospitals on alternative solutions to provide support to high-risk patients through video visits.

Muslim Inmate Support Service

Making a Difference

This initiative is a three-part support system. Our first part is helping those who are incarcerated with receiving religious services (which includes visiting jails and prisons as faith-based organizations providing religious services irrespective of whatever crime individuals are accused of). Next, we aim to help those being held in county jails or pre-trial detention facilities through legal aid. Finally, we understand that simply being released doesn’t mean a good transition. Therefore, we want to help improve the transition back to normal life and connect individuals with resources such as housing assistance, job search, and continuous community engagement.  Family and friends of inmates and those who have been released who need our assistance can submit a form here on our website.

International Islamic Relief Aid

Doing What’s Needed

We are undertaking an international relief effort to assist Muslim countries in most need of the necessary supplies required to fight the coronavirus pandemic. We have on order: 100,000 hygiene kits which include purifier of water powder packet, feminine hygiene kits, deodorant, shampoo and body wash, oral hygiene kits, triple antibiotic ointment, etc. As well as supporting Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Health Care Providers with PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) which include 280,000 supplies of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, first aid kits, fingertip pulse oximeters, Infrared thermometers, electrostatic sprayer, etc. to Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Refugee Camps in Kenya.

Food Insecurity Relief Grant

Supporting those Making a Difference 

We’re committing to supporting Muslim Organizations with a Food Insecurity Relief Grant (FIRG) which will help in funding up to 30,000 meals in Minnesota. This initiative helps us ensure that these Muslim Organizations are better positioned to address the unique situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic in our community. Organizations can request an amount between $500 - $7,000 in FIRG.

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